Kangaroo Island Council, in conjunction with the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority (FRWA), is introducing a new fortnightly kerbside bin collection schedule for domestic general waste, recycling and green organics (within townships and some coastal settlements).

All kerbside collections are FORTNIGHTLY both residential and small business.

Council has made this change to reduce the amount of waste transported to landfill and to increase the rate of resource recovery. The costs associated with sending general waste to landfill, including transport cost, landfill charges and State Government landfill levies are continually rising. Increasing the recycling and green organics waste resource recovery and improving the efficiency of the waste collection operation on the Island will help offset future cost increases.

To support the new fortnightly kerbside bin collection schedule:

Kangaroo Island Council will  Contact Kangaroo Island Council for Further Information   
distribute new 240 litre green organics bins to properties within townships and coastal settlements within the green waste collection boundaries (free of charge)Phone; 8553 4500
exchange current 140 litre recycling bins for new 240 litre recycling bins (free of charge)Phone; 8553 4500
provide single use disposal passes to the value of $25 for items which would normally incur a fee at the Kangaroo Island Resource Recovery Centre (KIRRC) valid until 31 December 2017 for Kangaroo Island residents and ratepayersPhone; 8553 4500
subsidise the purchase cost of compost equipment compost bins, worm farms and kitchen caddies and compostable bags) by 50% for Kangaroo Island residents and ratepayersPhone; 8553 4500CLICK HERE for KI Compost Equipment Price List and Home Compost Reference Guide
provide, upon application an additional 140 litre general waste bin (free of charge) for households with Exceptional Circumstances defined as
• households in which 5 or more people live permanently
• households in which children in nappies live permanently
• households in which people with special medical waste needs (includes incontinence products) live permanently.
Exceptional Circumstances application forms can be downloaded or collected from Kangaroo Island Council Offices. Exceptional Circumstances applications must be made in person at Council offices. Applicants will need to demonstrate proof of residency, need and family.
An additional 240 litre recycling bin may also be available, upon application, to those with medical related additional recycling requirement (free of charge)
CLICK HERE for Kangaroo Island Exceptional Circumstances Application Form

Additional Bins and Additional Fortnightly collection services are available from FRWA (fees apply) – CLICK HERE to download an application form.