Additional Waste Collection Application Form

FRWA’s Kerbside Collection Policy states that each rateable property, excluding vacant land, is entitled to collection of one set of bins. Charges apply for the collection of additional bins. Extra bin services are limited to two additional bins per waste stream. To order additional kerbside services, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Additional Waste Collection Application Services FRM-Pol_0062 Fill it out and return it to FRWA with payment.

Step 2: Purchase your additional bin from one of our Waste and Recycling Depots

Step 3: FRWA will post you a sticker. Apply the sticker to the front centre of your additional bin.

When commencing an additional bin service part way through the financial year, you may pay for the quarters remaining in the current financial year. After this, you will be sent an invoice each June for the following financial year. When your payment has been received, FRWA will post you a new sticker in the correct colour for the new financial year.