The Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority recognises the importance of working in partnerships to improve how waste is managed. As such, FRWA offers a wide variety of free presentations, workshops and information sessions to promote recycling and ethical waste management practices for residents, community groups and schools. The sessions are designed to be both engaging and informative. They are also adaptable to any age group.

Sessions can be tailored according to the age, stage and needs of the group. Waste education presentations and workshops are available on the following topics:

The Kerbside Bin System

  • A short film of what happens to rubbish when it leaves the kerb
  • Activities around the sorting of rubbish into the correct bin
  • What is recyclable and what is not

Tricky waste and what to do with it

  • The 4 R’s (reduce, re-use, re-think and re-cycle)
  • Disposing of tricky waste such as e-waste, chemicals, hard waste, batteries, soft plastics, tyres, furniture, clothing etc.

Organics recycling

  • Worm farming
  • Home composting
  • What’s happening with food waste

Sessions are interactive, fun and flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your group. You are welcome to combine any of the above topics around your specific questions about waste. School presentations range from individual classes to whole school and curriculum support. The components can easily be curriculum linked upon request and additional teacher resources are available.

Sessions are normally 40-50 minutes but can be as short as 20-30 minute talk to a longer 2 hour workshop, depending on your needs.

To book an education session, please download the Booking Form and return it to FRWA. The Project and Education Officer will contact you shortly to confirm your booking. Alternatively, phone or email the FRWA Project and Education officer (for contact details go to Contact Us).

Teacher resources

Detailed information on correct use of the kerbside bin system and recycling is available on FRWA’s Kerbside Collection pages The Kerbside Bin System and Kerbside Queries and FAQs.

Please download our teacher resource sheet for helpful links to other sources of information about recycling and waste.