Welcome to the Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority

The Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority (FRWA) is an authority formed by the member councils of the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia in order to manage their waste and recycling. Those member councils are:

FRWA is responsible for each council's waste operations, including kerbside collection of waste and operation of their waste and recycling depots. FRWA is a fine example of local governments working together to achieve efficiencies across boundaries. FRWA is capturing the best practices brought over from its member councils: reducing waste going to landfill, increasing recycling, and promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for today and tomorrow.

A three-bin domestic collection service is in place for urban areas and there is a two-bin system in rural areas, to encourage and support recycling. New initiatives for recycling are always being developed, so bookmark this page to keep up with the latest news.